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Category shows links inside, but none are build

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Category shows links inside, but none are build
Hello Links-World!

After running my links for more than one year I'm comming across following problem now:

I have several (not all!) sub-subcategories that are shown to have links inside, but actually they are not build. Instead there's an empty category page.

- My links.db (560kB) DOES contain links related to the categories in question and ...
- also my category.db seems ok.
- During auto-build-staggered a comment like "category xyz/xyz/cat-in-question is build [bla bla] ...there are 5 links inside [bla bla]" - so I believe that Links tries indeed to make the pages right.

I've already deleted the categories making the problems and they are rebuild without showing problems, but still they're empty... (CHMOD is also ok).

Very strange... does anybody have any idea? Thanks,


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The solution if building stops out of a sudden In reply to

I've been searching for 2 weeks to solve that problem and after I was right up to look for another provider - what can I say, I found the solution.

Since the answer was within this forum, but pretty hidden in a very old thread I will post it hear for all people who have problems with server time out's even when building staggered:

So before you try building via telnet or argue with your provider to allow cronjobs in your free tarif ;-) first try this:

within nph-build.cgi, at the top of procedure sub build_staggered find those lines:

my $step = $in{'step'} || 1;
my $limit = $in{'limit'} || 20;
my $offset = $in{'offset'} || 0;
my $auto = $in{'auto'} || 0;

See, that limit-variable will let you set up the number of categories being build during each step of build-staggered (auto). Setting the 20 back to 1 means that each category will be build one by one. At least if you don't have that many links per category letting you receive a time out from your server while building one single category this should help! For me it did... :-)

(If you get an time out while building a single category try seperating the links in that cat into some more sub-cats...)

Ok, hope this will once help someone out there,