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Strange error with search.cgi

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Strange error with search.cgi

I have a problem with search.cgi, it will only work when it has been renamed to nph-search.cgi. This however will only work with IE and not netscape. The only thing I have changed is the path to perl and absolute path to the required files, any suggestion to this problem.Thanks

Kim Lang

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Re: Strange error with search.cgi In reply to
Having to rename it to nph_search.cgi

sounds to me like it's calling search.cgi by that in your search form. It's linking to something like


Instead of


Good Luck!


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Re: Strange error with search.cgi In reply to

The problem was and still is, that I had to rename it to nph-search.cgi this got the script to work. Then renamed all calls to search.cgi to nph-search.cgi. This works fine in IE, except for the search result page it print this out: Content-type: text/html, but the search do work.

Normal one could rename a script to nph-name.cgi and then get more information to the reason why it don't work, this however is not the case here. It simply run the script fine, when it has been renamed !!!

Could it be something to do with the version of perl ?