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Links don't get added

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Links don't get added
Whenever I try and add a link, nothing happens. I fill out all the stuff and I get the confirmation message. After that, I don't get an e-mail and even when I do a build, the new links don't show up. What could the prob be?

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Re: Links don't get added In reply to
didn't read the instructions did you -- what can I say didn't myself.

You don't get emails on a build (I think Blush) well didn't read the install instructions.

you get an email I believe on adds, errors and modifys -- somebody correct me If I'm wrong
==concerning link, not the script ====

to see your new links, ahhmm, I posted a very similar message a few days ago. You need to validate
your links from the admin panel, a pain in the butt, it works sure enough. You can use EXCEL and whatever to mass transplant the stuff but I'd wait on that for a bit.

I've had similar problems myself and I doN't even know perl -- perl illerate (stupid) in fact but the wealth of information in the archieves is great, if you know what you're looking for or more simly put "know what words to enter in the search field" lots of the veterans here forget the newbie problems but at least their wisdom is vast....

sorry if this got long just trying to be helpful, a newbie myself.

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Re: Links don't get added In reply to
No, I meant when I try and add a link I get a message saying that my link has been added and I will get a confirmation soon.
When I build, the link doesn't get added

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Re: Links don't get added In reply to
Yes thats right,

Try going to Validate in the Admin section validating the record the building...

Read the instructions in the Admin Section!!!