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Help Links 2.1 Extended

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Help Links 2.1 Extended
Sorry this is a duplicate, but I need to capture someones attention that has bought this 2.01 ext crap.

Ok, first off I bought links 2.1extended from mycgi.....com and I didn't realize that this guy is I think stealing and reselling the script?

Anyway, the links.cfg file is blank. Is that normal? Has anyone else installed this before|? I am getting 500 error when going to setup.cgi.

Any help appreciated
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Re: [nuevojefe] Help Links 2.1 Extended In reply to
I'd trash the package you purchased and download and install the legitimate one from Gossamer Threads directly, go to "Products" and select Links 2.0.
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Re: [nuevojefe] Help Links 2.1 Extended In reply to
These forums are limited to the disscusion of official releases of Links. Please contact MyCGIScripts.com for all technical support concerning this program. There is nobody here that knows anything about how to install/modify/use this modified version of Links. It should be noted, however, that Links Extended is an authorized third-party release, and the reseller is required by contract to provide support on their own. That said, the Links Extended discussion board is located here or you may more directly contact a staff member here.

Links 2.0 moderator
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Re: [sponge] Help Links 2.1 Extended In reply to
Thanks phillip,

unfortunately the support is slim, and the forum hasn't been posted to in 5 months.

So I figure that SOMEONE here IS familiar with extended, and since it is based on links 2.0 and with links 2.1 I am purchasing the license to use links 2.0 I feel that I should be able to use this forum to seek anyone who can assist me.

Furthermore, it is linked to in the resources area which leads me to believe that someone else here has probably purchased it, had difficulties and hopefully resolved them.


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Re: [nuevojefe] Help Links 2.1 Extended In reply to
People will install it, but none of the regular users have any experience with it (due to the known problems with it before). There has been enough warnings about this script mod throughout the forum Frown (probably why there hasn't been a post in 5 months at the forum, as people don't buy it).


Andy (mod)
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