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Permission denied - nph-build.cgi [HELP!]

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Permission denied - nph-build.cgi [HELP!]
ok...for some reason i cannot understand why i get the following message after i just installed LINKS 2.0 and the ADMIN area is working fine...i've added categories, and a link in a category.

Pages built on 12-Feb-2002 at 00:03:45

Backing up database . . .
Backing up links, category and email database (File::Copy) ...

CGI ERROR==========================================
Error Message : Unable to copy links backup.

Reason: Permission deniedScript

Location : /home/betezda/public_html/music/cgi-bin/admin/nph-build.cgi

Perl Version : 5.006001

...i've searched the forum for an answer but i haven't found anything

...i'm sure it is an easy fix..i just can't seem to figure it out....all of my permissions seem to be ok:[/font]

/pages/ --> chmod 777

/cgi-bin/admin/nph-build.cgi --> chmod 755

what is wrong?....please help!!
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