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Question about using SSI / templetes on Links2.0

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Question about using SSI / templetes on Links2.0
Hi, I just installed Links2.0.. I have done it a few times now. I am using the templates and I edited them via Windows Notepad. I added my own content and some of it is SSI calls. When I upload and build all, everything works fine except for the SSI calls.

One thing that may be the problem is I am installing Links in a directory (webfind) off of my main URL whz.net. I have the directory set to be a subdomain (webfind.whz.net) Could this be a problem? I am not 100% familiar with SSI, but I hve gotten it to work before.

If anyone can help, please respond. Thanks Smile


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Re: Question about using SSI / templetes on Links2.0 In reply to

I just did it myself. Problem I thought I had, was that SSI calls need to be in .SHTML files and don't work in .HTML files. But if you alter the .htaccess file in the root directory of your site (usually the www directory) and add the following line to it:

AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .html

the web server will accept SSI directives in HTML files too. Sometimes it also helps just to chmod the html file to 755.
Got this from http://webdeveloper.internet.com/
I hope this answers your question.

Mike Philippens