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Install Problem

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Install Problem

I deleted my links on the Server.
Now is wanted to upload it agin. but when
i start the admin.cgi from a browser i get a error:

Execution of (/home/sites/jordan-net.d/users/butzek/cgi-bin/katalog/admin/admin.cgi) is not permitted for the following reason:

Script does not have same GID

But executing from telnet works great..
What can i do?? The IIS Patch is already installed.
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what web software is your server running? Are you sure the home paths are defined correctly? Did you add the "." so that you won't receive illegal chars errors? And can you provide a link to your site and to your admin area for us? Also, a copy of your links.cfg file saved in .txt format (on your server) would be helpful


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