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Error when user is submitting

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Error when user is submitting

Links2 is installed at my site and is working fine from the Admin-module. (Add/manipulating categories, add/modify links and running the building functions all work fine).

Links2 work fine from the userinterface http://www.vandring.dk/links/ until someone adding/modify a new link. The submitter is recieving a 500 Internal Server Error when submitting.

I can see the added link in the Admin-module when I'm validate new links.

What can be the problem. Setup and permissions should be right.

Please help me!


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Probably you have misconfigured your $db_mail_path OR $db_smtp_server. If either of these variables are misconfigured, then the script will choke, because the sub send_email will not be able to execute, thus causing an Internal Server Error message.

Double check your mail configurations in the links.cfg file.


Eliot Lee