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I got message like below:

Error including libraries: Can't locate 5.001000000000000334 in @INC at admin.cgi line 7. Make sure they exist, permissions are set properly, and paths are set correctly.

eval {
($0 =~ m,(.*)/[^/]+,) && unshift (@INC, "$1"); # Get the script location: UNIX /
($0 =~ m,(.*)\\[^\\]+,) && unshift (@INC, "$1"); # Get the script location: Windows

$db_script_path = "/data1/hypermart.net/rudino1/public_html/cgi-bin/links/admin";
$db_dir_url = "http://rudino1.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/links/admin";

$db_cgi_url = "http://rudino1.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/links";

$build_root_path = "/data1/hypermart.net/rudino1/public_html";
$build_root_url = "http://rudino1.hypermart.net";

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Re: Error In reply to
You need to have a least the later build of Perl 5.004 or the newest Perl 5.005 to operate Links.

Also, the error is not coming from your links.cfg but in your admin.cgi file.

Make sure that you have put in the full absolute path to your links.cfg file in the admin.cgi file in the require line.


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