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Edit the main (home) page

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Edit the main (home) page
Hello out there,

I would really love to know how to edit the look and feel of the main page. I can edit all the pages through the templates except the home page. Why is this so? And how can I get rid of the black background of the headlines?

I would be very pleased to get an answer to these questions. Actually I got already rid of the black background in al pages but the main page.

I would also like to change the size of the main headline in the main page.

Thank you in advance

Torsten Trebess

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Re: Edit the main (home) page In reply to
hi torsten,

1. edit your home.html template (is for your index(main) page).
2. rebuild your links
3. look now your main (index) page


here u can visit german gossamer links forum
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