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Chown & Chmod, I'm sick of Unix

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Chown & Chmod, I'm sick of Unix
First, I loathe unix and it's ignorant file permissions/owners crap which I find totally unnecessary and more of a pain in the royal butt than a benefit to the user.
Second, I'm being force-fed this stuff and I'd RATHER be force-fed elephant dung with a corn scoop!

Thank you, needed to vent that!

Ok, I run nph-build from the admin panel and
1. Any new file or directory it creates it sets the user to www
2. It sets file permissions to owner R/W
This means that anyone with a browser can view any file created by Links.... and write to it.

If I run nph-build from a script it
1. sets the user to my username and
2. sets the file permissions to user r/w which prevents anyone from seeing the .html files
3. it's pointless to run it from a script because any new files created between builds are created as www owners with owner read/write only which causes nph-build to error out.

How can I:

a. change it so that every file that links creates whether it's through shell or web access, that it ALWAYS does so with my username and ALWAYS creates the file (even ratings and vote files) with the permissions set to -rw-r--r-- ?

Example Links does this:
-rw------- 1 www www 14496 Jan 15 00:58 index.shtml

I want this:
-rw-r--r-- 1 dunsel dunsel 14496 Jan 15 00:58 index.shtml

b. Get a bigger window to type this message into. 5 lines don't cut it guys... I need to see what I type!

If it's important, I'm running some flavor of that Free LSD induced crap put out by Berekley.

Thank you for your time... any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Chown & Chmod, I'm sick of Unix In reply to
You can't. If you run the scripts via the Web, then it will be assigned to the nobody user or www in your case. What you could do is use another third party script to change the file/directory permissions from nobody to your username.

Search this forum for nobody.

And I would highly recommend re-thinking about UNIX operating systems and compare them with other servers, like Wdoz (Windows), Linux, etc. Compare the following factors:

1) CPU usage
2) Memory
3) Data Processing

And I am sure you realize that UNIX is more robust, reliable, scalable (for enterprise operations), etc. than most of the operating systems/platforms.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Chown & Chmod, I'm sick of Unix In reply to
Thanks for the reply Eliot. You're absolutely right about Unix regardless of how much I'd love to disagree. I've tried running Links on IIS and it's even more of a headache than Unix. Linux, is currently out. My host loves his BSD and I really like the support I get from him.

Ok, I found two scripts and neither one will help. One, deletes the files and the other will change permissions if I go through a browser to do so.

I'm trying to set up nph-build to run from a crontab event.
Deleting the 'nobody' files is easily done. But, the ratings and hits files that are created between builds as 'nobody' files are what are causing my hangup. They're set as owner r/w only and I'd like to add their results to Links. Since I probably can't change the owner, if I could at least change the permission when they are created so that nph-build can read them, that would solve nph-build's problem. Then I can delete them when I'm done.

My host has also mentioned the umask command and a hack to nph-build, but I'm a real Perl/Unix novice and this seems like an awful lot of work.

Any other suggestions?