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500 server error part way thru add.cgi

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500 server error part way thru add.cgi
I've had a search through the forum but can't seem to find anything like this.

When running add.cgi, I enter data into the form, click submit, and get the server error.
When I look at the data/validate.db file, the submitted info is there, so it's got past that stage.

Any ideas what comes next. I've looked in script but I'm not a great perl programmer by any means. Could it be the mailing section, or what else does it try to read from/write to?

As far as I am aware all permissions are set correctly.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated.
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The problem could be the following:

1) You have not properly set the SENDMAIL or SMTP settings. Do not configure both. You have to configure ONLY one of the options.

2) Also, make sure that all your template files are set to 666 (rw-rw-rw-).


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