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[500 Error] Please help

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[500 Error] Please help
Hi, im receving an 500 error page when i try to run the admin.cgi file.. i have set the right CHMOD settings for all the files.. uploaded with ASCII mode.. Set all the right paths in the links.cfg file.. but i still get the error... i think i have tracked down the error.. it says in the readme.txt file that the default path for perl in this script is (#!/usr/local/bin/perl)
BUT it says on my WebServer (Webair) that their location of perl is: /usr/bin/perl
But i just cant find the file where i will set this path.. itīs not in the links.cfg file.. can anyone please tell me where it is ?

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Most likely it is a path problem with the require "links.cfg", which needs to be set to:


require "/absolute/path/to/youraccount/cgi-bin/admin/links.cfg";

Change /absolute/path/to/youraccount/ to the PHYSICAL ABSOLUTE PATH IN YOUR SERVER where your account is hosted.


Eliot Lee