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which files create the templates please

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which files create the templates please
I had to move my Links 2 to another server and therefore change all the paths and links in the script and templates.

Now, Everything is working fine, the categories display in their template, the search rewsults do and also the "add URL" form does - however, "add Url does not work, as i click on submit a popup (NETSCAPE 4.7+) comes up warning me of possible security risks and i can open some little html file that says "could not find /something/this/that (perhaps i have somewhere in a script made a path typo??) and also, inside the admin area where the templates can be edited i can't get any of them, same popup as when i try to submit an URL with the same warning and HTML info.

So, i assume somewhere in a file that activates or creates the templates there must be an error - but i do not actually know which of the cgi (pl) files actually do so.

Could anyone of you wizzards guide me to the right file/s or portions of particular files where this error may be at???