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where r the templates ?

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where r the templates ?
HI ! I'd like to ask all the respected readers : " Where are the tepmlates stored ?"
Should i get into the site_html.pl each time i want to fix ot correct smth in my templates ?
or i should edit files stored in my templates dir ?
If i should do latter, then, how can force the nph-build.cgi and other cgi get the templates from that dir or not from the site_html.pl ? I think that i have done somethig wrong 2 my links and that's why they don't want 2 take the templates from the templates dir ...
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Re: where r the templates ? In reply to
Hi Robocomp!


In the links.cfg you need to tell links to use templates.

If you are not using templates at all then it is the site.html.pl that you alter to change the look of your site.

The template directory is where you put them or where you uploaded them and it should be reflected in the links.cfg.

If u use the templates then it is the home.html file that you mod to change your index and you can alter all the other template files as well to suit your look.

Check the readme file that came with links and check the FAQ on Gossamers site.


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