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web traffic tracking and analysis

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web traffic tracking and analysis
I'd like some recommendations on web traffic analysis software. I've looked over the stuff on cgi-resources, but there's a lot there, and I'd like to get some recommendations from others. My site is relatively small now, but of course, I'm hoping to go as large as possible, so I'd need a tool that can grow with me. Thanks in advance.

I'd like to have a tool that can:
keep track of activity on site by month, week, day and hour, monitor total hits and track unique hits, keep track of most popular pages. log URL's used to get to your site, URL's used to leave your site, visitor server, IP#, browser, document viewed, and time. Creates graph of usage. Any any more options would be a bonus.
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I have answered your redundant posting in the CGI/Perl Forum.



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