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recently i pasted quite a lot of data from another database (on another site) to my validate.db file so that i could arange them by category in my directory. one big problem i had was that links kept numbering links in such a way that it was placing new links that i validated from my users on the same id that i had sites already posted on...how could i avoid this?

i was thinking on pasting my links from my other site to validate.db and then simply adding a url from the admin and making it one number higher than the last unique id that i pasted in to validate.db.

any advice gretefully received.

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Re: validate.db In reply to
'and then simply adding a url from the admin and making it one number higher than the last unique id that i pasted in to validate.db.'

I think there's a better way than this that's not that hard to do. If I get time tonight I'll post some quick instructions


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To import any other links to Links2.0 through validate.db you must first make sure that you change each number to the proper order of links as you would see in the linksid.txt This will make sure that you don't have duplicates.

There is some software out there that will allow you to modify either your current validate.db file or create new ones as you see fit which can either spider the internet or collect links through a query of some form.

If you go to http://search.rootssearch.net you will see that I can add up to as many links without having to send email to some people, and I never have the same associative id's for my links as well.

The BEST program that you can use would be URL Spider Pro by Innerprise which can be purchased at http://www.innerprise.net/index.asp The program is costly but can really help you to spider the web if that is what you want.

I also use another program called Links Suite III. It allows you to query search engines by keywords and then it parses the links to a database. You can buy it at a reasonable price at http://www.linkssuite.com I simply create a links html page, and use the Innerprise URL Spider Pro to spider the links on that page.

With URL Spider Pro before you convert it's spidered database to Links 2.0 it will ask you what is the next link ID and it will build your validate.db file with the correct link id's as well as create a linksid.txt file for you to upload to your site.

The only way you are going to be able to change the ID's is manually by first looking for duplicate urls, or if you know of the duplicate id's you choose to edit them, and assign them a new associative id, however you have to make sure that your linksid.txt file shows the correct number for the links.

I hope that this helps.