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turning on build_use_templates

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turning on build_use_templates
so how do i turn on build_use_templates in links.cfg? do i need to have it turned on in order to modify my templates? i am still having trouble making changes to my templates after i "save" them and hit "build all".

thankx for the help,

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Re: [mike-e] turning on build_use_templates In reply to
In links.cfg:

# Use Templates: instead of editing site_html.pl, you can edit regular html pages
# encoded with special <%links_tags%>. It's not as flexible as site_html.pl, but it
# may be easier.
$build_use_templates = 1;

Set to '1' is 'on' and will use templates, and is the default setting.

What changes are you trying to make?

aka PerlFlunkie