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search.pl instead of search.cgi in $link_results

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search.pl instead of search.cgi in $link_results
I'm sorry, I couldn't find any related topics on this. It is probably something simple.

When I go to my whats new page and try to click on the url of a site it sees search.cgi search.pl so I get a page not found error.


This is what the URL is for the site.
I should add that I am using the Neil Glazer template and when I first unzipped the file all of the menu links were set to PL files too.

I have checked the whats new page and the site_html_templates file but cannot find any reference to it. These are the only files that were uploaded to the server. I've checked through site_templates and nph_build.
I know it has something to do with $link_results.

Any tips of even a forum listing or a keyword I could search on?? I'm really stuck.

Other than this - the script is brilliant! Smile

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Re: search.pl instead of search.cgi in $link_results In reply to
Found it - in the template file link.html of course!! Smile

I wonder why Neil Glazer had all of the menu and cgi calls renamed to .pl extension anyway!!