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search.cgi trouble

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search.cgi trouble
Hi, I have yet to be able to write CGI on my own. I've just been using scripts I download from the net and I can't figure this one out:
I installed Links 2.0 on Portland's server (Unix, Apache, I think). I put the files in "cgi-bin/links" so that I wouldn't be confused later on.
When I tried the advanced search using http://www.projecticare.org/cgi-bin/links/search.cgi I couldn't get any results. When I checked the source, it said that the form's action was coming from http://www.projecticare.org/cgi-bin/search.cgi

I tried checking the search.cgi file but I can't quite comprehend it, I don't want to mess with the other files either 'cause it might mess things up more.

I guess there's a variable I ought to change but in which file and how? Any answers?


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You have probably messed up with the settings in links.cfg (the CGI-BIN URL, which is used by the templates). You more than likely forgot to add the /links bit at the end of it Wink

Have a double check, and if it isn't that, then we will try and help you further.