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restoring via backup

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restoring via backup

I messed it up.

I changed the length for URLs fom 75 to 175 which obviously messed up the DB, as now all the Links show no descriptions on the site.

a) Can I repair the DB in any way so that teh change to 175 characters for URLs will work?

b) How do I restore a backup, so that I get back the descriptions.

I already changed back the URL length to 75, restored an older backup .

When I then list all links i see the correct data.

But if I build the pages then there are no comments AND the comments in the 'list all' view are missing too.

So what _do_ I have to do to get the old data structure back in working order?



PS: In the meantime I found an answer that suggested changing the fille attr. to 666, I did that and it still messes up the db.

The normaler DB lines from the backup look ok to me:

This is a line from the 'broken' db

378|Auer, Johannes|http://www.s.netic.de/auer/|16-May-2002|Autoren|Homepage der Netzkünstler Johannes Auer und Frieder Rusmann. Endlich Literatur im Internet, die das Internet nicht nur als Werbeträger, sondern tatsächlich als Medium benutzt (dl).|dl|dieter.lohr@kunsterbunt.de|0|Yes|No|0|0|Yes

This is a line from an older Backup

273|Kempner, Friederike: Poesie ist Leben...|http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/andreas_s/|10-May-2002|Autorinnen| "Oh wißt ihr, was ich denke? / O nein, ihr wißt es nicht!/Wenn ich mich ganz versenke, / Dann denk ich ein Gedicht!" - Die Klassikerin der unfreiwilligen Komik und der selbstverlegten Poesie. Texte und ein Ausstellungskatalog online. [Der Katalog war beim Besuch defekt.] |og|literaturwelt@carpe.com|0|Yes|No|0|0|Yes


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fraktal: May 17, 2002, 2:09 PM
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Re: [fraktal] restoring via backup In reply to
changing the length configuration for fields will not corrupt your data. what else have you modified in links.def? There may be a missing delimeter somewhere.

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Re: [sponge] restoring via backup In reply to
I solved the problem by re-inserting the original links.def ...

I have no idea, I must have "broken" something by accident.

I am just unmotivated to fiddle with the thingy again ;=)

(I had to ask some ppl to re-do theirt typing work ;( or at least top copy&paste from the 'backup'....)