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renumbering links/categories

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renumbering links/categories
(i've tried to search for the answer but couldn't find it)

looking at links.db and categories.db i notice that there a large gaps in the numbering (ie. i jump from category ID 7 to something like 20) because of all my playing about with the script etc.

My question is - is it safe for me to manually reorder them (and edit categoryid.txt and linksid.txt) and then rebuild it all in admin section or are there any other bits that need checked/sorted first too.

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Re: [bs7] renumbering links/categories In reply to
No, it's not safe to do this, especially if you have certain MOD features, including external hits, external recommend site, etc. But if you have a vanilla set-up of Links 2.0, you could do this, but why? Even with RDMS, primary keys jump integers when records are deleted. It's not really necessary to re-number your links and categories.
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