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removing a ton of dead links for better Google PR, how to best do this HELP please

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removing a ton of dead links for better Google PR, how to best do this HELP please
Hi, i have been off the grid on my Links site for a while and got a rude awakening now.
Big fat Mamma G (you know who i mean, don't you)
has started to greatly punish sites with to many dead links, and so i started to get link removal requests because big G does not like my site with a ton of dead links on it anymore.
To give an idea of the scope i am faced with:
at one time i had 15 000 plus links listed at my dir useroo.aalsmeerwebdirectory.com
at the present stage (over some 15 years or so) i had only about 6500 links listed left over, rest has been removed as dead links over those 15 years or so and was always a total pain in the bside.

Right now i have taken the 6500 some links from links.db and first pasted them into a gmail email to turn them all into life links, than i popped them in several hundreds into a Wordpress site of mine that comes with a DEAD LINK CHECKER plugin - and this thing keeps on digging up dead links and redirects, already more than 1000 of them.

So you see, even if i once know the full number of dead links in my current db, i still have to go in with the link ID and remove each one by hand, with a thousand plus links, that makes ... oh, until eternity perhaps.

So, please anyone, is there a faster, or even automatic option to do this, otherwise i have to throw in the towel on Links2, i only have 24 hours in my days and lots of real life off line should be part of living eh??

Thanks for all suggestions