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programmer needed to configure for faq

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programmer needed to configure for faq
(my apologies in advance if this is inappropriate for this forum)

I'm looking for a programmer to contract for the following:

Configuring Links to function as a FAQ system.

- links would be either 1)to another faq navigation page, 2)to a faq database entry, 3) to a web site, 4) to an email address
- another database of admins would exist
- different admins would have access to placement of questions in different areas
- public could add to question db. it would sit there until acted on by admin

Please, only people who have experience modifying links and who do clean code contact me.

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Re: programmer needed to configure for faq In reply to
Contact one of the Installers in the Resource Center.


Eliot Lee....
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* Check Resource Center
* Search Forums
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Re: programmer needed to configure for faq In reply to
Yes, that makes perfect sense -- and that's what I first tried.

What I found, however, after a few contacts in that area, is that each person who I began talks with turned out to only know (or be willing) to do a standard Links install on a system (which is kind of odd, since Links is pretty darn easy to install).

So my problem is finding someone who knows the basic process of Links and who knows Perl well enough to add these new features.

It's a bit frustrating. I know Perl well enough that I know the system could be altered to get the features I want. The problem is that I have other programming jobs to do. If I could find someone in this area that would be great.

However, if anyone knows of some folks in the installer area who fit the description I've just given, let me know (no need to post here, just send personal email).

Thanks for the suggestion.
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Re: programmer needed to configure for faq In reply to
Quick suggestion:

Try www.cgi-resources.com and see if any of the programmers there would be available for this kind of work...

Just another possible place to try.

I'd love to try it myself but my code is not quite clean (need more practice and experience) and I haven't the time either right now..

Good luck with it.