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problem with search

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problem with search
When I search for: computer and book
I get results where the word "and" is included and bolded. I don't want to search "and", "or".
Also, the bolding includes the following even though the search doesn't.
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Meaning if I search for "added" nothing shows up but if I search "add" and there is a link with the word in it the link is returned and the part "add" in "added" is bolded.
How can I fix this?
Thankx in advance for the help!

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Re: problem with search In reply to
About excluding "words" in your search terms, you need to use the Ask.com Mod, which is linked in the Resource Center.

Regarding your other problem, I am unclear what problem you are experiencing...either provide a link to your directory so we can see what is going on OR be more specific.


Eliot Lee