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problem with build (please help)

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problem with build (please help)
Hi There,

My site has a total of 844 links in 15 different categories (including sub-categories)

anyway, it doesn't build any categories starting with the letter 'L' onwards.. its as if when I build it times out

although when I build all, it gets up to L, but when I build staggered (Auto) it builds up to L, then starts again from P so it misses out on updating categories between the letters L-P

when I build staggered (manual) page 2 doesn't finish loading therefore cant get to page 3....

I have turned off the building detailed function... it didn't help.

Is there a solution to this? I really cant afford to upgrade to Links SQL... $500 is too much for a non profit site... so if there is a solution to this I would be very grateful otherwise I will have to shut my site down Frown

thanks for your help.
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