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problem with build (please help)

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problem with build (please help)
Hi There,

My site has a total of 844 links in 15 different categories (including sub-categories)

anyway, it doesn't build any categories starting with the letter 'L' onwards.. its as if when I build it times out

although when I build all, it gets up to L, but when I build staggered (Auto) it builds up to L, then starts again from P so it misses out on updating categories between the letters L-P

when I build staggered (manual) page 2 doesn't finish loading therefore cant get to page 3....

I have turned off the building detailed function... it didn't help.

Is there a solution to this? I really cant afford to upgrade to Links SQL... $500 is too much for a non profit site... so if there is a solution to this I would be very grateful otherwise I will have to shut my site down Frown

thanks for your help.
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Re: [Doggins] problem with build (please help) In reply to
I'm having the same problem. I've been using Links 2.0 problem free for over a year up until now. When I do a build, it only builds up to a specific category and then stops. I've checked to ensure I have enough server space, and I've tried deleting the links generated HTML pages and rebuilding (which it does, up to a certain point and then stops). The site has just under 1000 links now.

Ack! Can anyone provide any insight?!!

Thanks in advance!
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Re: [cleverjoe] problem with build (please help) In reply to
Hey Joe

Since my post I changed hosting company to someone else and since then it has been working without any problem at all

So I recommend you try that... If you are certain that you're hosting company is pretty good and don't think any other hosting company can give you anything better its probably that your search engine is too big and need to switch to something using an SQL database