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nph-verify patch

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nph-verify patch
I've seen a number of posts about nph-verify not working and I had the problem too. This patch worked perfectly for me!

I see this problem does not have posts after the year 2000 perhaps its been fixed but heres what I did. for v2.01

find lines 180-182
) or return undef, $@;

change them to

Timeout => 1) or return undef, $@;
## $sock->autoflush(1);
## $sock->timeout(5);

The time out here "Timeout => 1" is set to 1 second (I'm so impatient)
you can set it to your needs.

I don't know what autoflush does so I commented it out with no apparent problem.

Apparently if a there is a connection failure the script hangs because the timeout is not working. the above code works perfectly for me. BTW after 6 hours of searching I found the above syntax on the perlmonks.com THANKS!! Monks.

I used it on 350 links but I wonder if the browser will blowup as some point since it dumps everything to one page.

Now if some one could make code so we could check links 1-300 then 301-601 etc.!!!