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I have been testing Links for a while & can't seem to get nph-verify to work. I have around 200 links in the database. It will run for a long time & then die via the browser. It says the document contains no data, yada-yada. I have tried it from telnet & it behaves the same way...see below:
Link Checking stated: Tue Jun 19 07:08:51 2001
Checked 5 - Success (200). Message: OK 200
Checked 6 - Success (200). Message: OK 200
Checked 7 - Success (200). Message: OK 200
Checked 8 - Success (200). Message: OK 200

=============>This is where it dies

I have scoured the forums for the answer, but it evades me & no I don't own a Cobalt.

Any help would be appreciated,