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nph-build.cgi error (and something freaky)

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nph-build.cgi error (and something freaky)
Everyday for the past year, without fail, nph-build.cgi runs via cronjob.

Out of the blue - as always - the following error appeared:

Error Message : fatal error: Illegal division by zero at nph-build.cgi line 432, line 1914.
Script Location : nph-build.cgi
Perl Version : 5.006001

I have no idea what's happened - I have changed nothing, and to the best of my knowledge my host hasn't changed anything that would result in this error. None of my other scripts are failing, including MoveableType which just rebuilt more than 1200 pages.

Now the 'something freaky': I couldn't log-in to this forum as I couldn't remember my ID (two words - I'd tried using one). I searched for myself to see how I'd logged in previously - and the first result was a post...

... about nph-build.cgi

.... dated February 6, 2003


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aka cooties: Feb 6, 2004, 7:38 AM
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Re: [aka cooties] nph-build.cgi error (and something freaky) In reply to
That previous error has now been fixed, but the 'fix' resulted in a 'permission denied' error because the ownership of the main links .BAK file has mysteriously become owned by 'root'.

Still, to have an nph-build.cgi error EXACTLY one year later... freaky...