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nph-build.cgi Access Forbidden?

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nph-build.cgi Access Forbidden?
I was trying to build the pages and runned into "403 Forbidden". It's very weird, 'cause I runned nph-build.cgi before and it was totally ok, and I didn't make any change on its permission, what's wrong?
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Re: [haileyxie] nph-build.cgi Access Forbidden? In reply to
Some servers are a little weird in the way they work.

Try running it from Telnet/SSH with;

cd /path/to/your/admin
perl nph-build.cgi

... and see what that gives you.

Sometimes, although you see a 403 error; this is in fact a 500 Internal Server Error, which normally indicates something has got corrupt, permissions changed, or similar.

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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