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my index page(?)

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my index page(?)
Hey all... just getting started with links 2. I had my links installed by someone (all praise to Andy!) My links defaults to : <my url>/pages/<my links page>.

Andy, if you're reading this... is this normal for links, and how do I get my index to the actual root/index for my domain? i.e. www.mydomain.com (so links is the actual index/start page for my domain, not under the folder 'pages'.

Also... do I just edit my 'home' page in the admin panel or how would I 'point' my cgi to my index page to act as the 'home' page in the template? I'm confused!

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Re: [cmork] my index page(?) In reply to
Just edit links.cfg. There will be a path and a URL in there for the /pages/ folder. Try removing both instances of '/pages' ... and then do a build.

Does that work?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [cmork] my index page(?) In reply to
Unless you want ALL pages in your root, use the attached mod. It starts withthis:

The following instructions are for Links 2.0 users who wish to have the home page created in their root directory but have all other files created in a subdirectory.

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