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links 2.1 and perl 5.6

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links 2.1 and perl 5.6
I have tried links 2.0, and found difficulties after moving to a server with perl 5.6. Does links 2.1 overcome problems with perl 5.006001 (fatal error: invalid date format). I have not noticed a good fix for the problem on this board.

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Re: [rcull] links 2.1 and perl 5.6 In reply to
Nope...but there have been fixes posted in both the Installation and Customization forums.
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Re: [Stealth] links 2.1 and perl 5.6 In reply to

Sorry, I have spent some time reading all I could find in the Links 2.0 forum, but about all I found was adding a 1 to the 1900 every year or complaining to your web space provider. I was hoping for something better in the program. (Did I miss something?!, sorry if I did.)

I assume that the web supplier will just install an older version of the time.pm, and while I am not accomplished with this stuff, that doesn't seem a very good fix if perl is moving to the new 3 number format.

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