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links.db ID problem

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links.db ID problem
I had a couple of complaints from link owners that their link would actually go to another link id, so I downloaded links.db to take a look at what was going on. It appears that the database started numbering from ID 1 at some point after it hit ID 374. Now there are quite a number of links with duplicate numbers :( What could have caused this, and how can it be fixed?

Debby Kilburn
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Re: [dkilburn] links.db ID problem In reply to
Discussed before...

1) Turn file flocking ON in the links.cfg file:

$db_use_flock = 1;

2) Make sure that you have db tracking turned on in your links.def and category.def files:

$db_key_track = 1;

3) Make sure you have the correct db_key defined in your links.def file:

$db_key = 'ID';

4) Make sure that the LAST ID number in your links.db MATCHES the number in the linksid.txt file.

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Re: [Heckler] links.db ID problem In reply to
I've had the same problem and I checked those files as per your post. All of the settings are correct, but the last ID# in links.db did not match the one in linksid.txt-- so I changed linksid.txt to match links.db.

This didn't solve the problem, though. I still have several records with duplicate ID's. Should I just assign new ID #'s in links.db to eliminate the duplicates?

Also, what do I need to do to prevent this from happening again?

Thanks very much for your time.
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