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javascript target="_blank

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javascript target="_blank
Hello, Where do I put target="_blank
in this javascript to open a new window, I have tried the obvious places to no avail.
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript SRC=http://affiliates.excite.com/affiliates/?section=newstop></SCRIPT>
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Re: javascript target="_blank In reply to
Try putting this in between your head tags.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function openNew(url) {
var win = window.open(url, "aff", "alwaysRaised,status,scrollbars,height=225,width=400");

And use this for your link.

<a href="javascript penNew(http://affiliates.excite.com/affiliates/?section=newstop')">affiliates</a>


PS replace the smiley with an o

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