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fatal error: invalid date format:

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fatal error: invalid date format:
I was just back at this board looking for help with a new problem and noticed a lot of people still trying to fix the problem fatal error: invalid date format: by adding a 1 in their links.cfg file like:

So for example on (my line 292) in links.cfg It would look like:
$time = &Time::Local::timelocal(0,0,0, $day, $months{$mon}, $year1);

This modification seems to cause other problems, and basically is not right. The proof is, if you install a new copy of links 2.0 it will work fine with this same line unmodified! (as long as you don't move your old links.db file over).

The problem is not in the links.cfg, it is in the your old links.db file and is exactly as the program is telling you! invalid date format:

Open your links.db file and you will find older entries look like:

24|Goodyear Tire and Rubber|http://www.goodyear.com/|8-Apr-98|Suppliers/Performance|The Goodyear Tire companies website|||62|No|No|||

When they now must look like:

24|Goodyear Tire and Rubber|http://www.goodyear.com/|8-Apr-1998|Suppliers/Performance|The Goodyear Tire companies website|||62|No|No|||

Note the change in the "date format". You just need to add the 19 to the 98. You can do this manually or with a multifile find and replace. Find -9 and replace with -199

Hope this helps some of you!...:)