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duplicate sub-categories

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duplicate sub-categories
I am trying to figure out how to create duplicate sub-categories. I am building a large database about climbing information, under each of my main categories I want to create a sub-category of each country in each continent so there will be hundreds of sub-categories. But I do not want to sit here like a drone keying in each main category then each continent then each country. Also is there a better way to create all of this besides the Admin panel? How can I create categories and links off line, I am in Japan and paying per minute for the phone access, thanks to NTT.
Thank you for your help.

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If you use MS Internet Explorer (5 only?) you can just type the first few letters and choose from a list. So if you want to type World/Europe/Switzerland/Alps/Zermatt and you have World/Europe/Switzerland/Alps already, you can choose that from a lis when you just enter wo. Then add /Zermatt and thet is that, Doesn't work with Netscape (as far as I know).
(You have to enable auto-fill or whatever it is called!)

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