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display subcategory

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display subcategory

Can someone tell me how to display the category with the subcategory. I had tried searching in the forum but I cannot find it.

It actually like this, let say if I have a category named Entertainment and I have several subcategories for entertainment such as TV, Movies, Music, Humor and etc.

What I tend to do is, in the 1st or default page where categories are displayed, I want to display the category with another two or three subcategories below the category name. something like in Yahoo and sajasearch.com did.

Since I'm totally new in perl so I don't know how to do it. If I not mistaken I need to edit the script in the site_html_templates.pl under site_html_print_cat section but I don't know how.

can someone please help me...

Thanks in advance

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Subcategories like Yahoo Mod, found in this forum.


Eliot Lee Wink