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data written to same link id #????

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data written to same link id #????
I have a couple of Links 2 installations and both as of late are misbehaving in the same way i.e the link data on validation command (infrequently) writes both inputs to the same link id # see example below:
ID: 117|117
Title: Boise Idaho Real Estate|Stan Stanchev - Relocation Specialist for Vancouver, B.C.
URL: http://www.lebois.com/html/real_estate.html|http://realtor.realtylink.org/gv/022652/
Date: 1-Oct-2000|1-Oct-2000
Category: USA/Idaho/Boise|Canada/British_Columbia/Lower_Mainland
Description: Idaho native, ABR, CRS, E-pro, GRI Broker Russ sells Boise.|Your Referral and Relocation Realtor for Vancouver British Columbia Canada . Specializing in residential , investment and recreational real estate properties .
Contact Name: Russ Stanley|Stan Stanchev
Contact Email: rstanley@lebois.com|stanremax@attcanada.ca
Hits: 10|10
isNew: No|No
isPopular: No|No
Rating: 0|0
Votes: 0|0
ReceiveMail: Yes|Yes

To expand a little the links to be validated appear normally however upon validation I first receive an error message that a confirmation email could not be sent and it then displays both email addresses in a single string.When I do a category check an error appears there and as I said both link inputs write to the same ID # and display jointly. My second Links 2 install has been doing this almost from day 1 so I assumed there was an install glitch but now my first site which has been doing just fine has also misfired in this same fashion. Somebody...anybody got an idea as to why this is happening??


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Re: data written to same link id #???? In reply to
Yes this has happend to me, It seems that the problem lies with either adding in admin and using the back button instead of clicking ADD, or the linkid file is being accessed at the same time or not being updated properly.


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Re: data written to same link id #???? In reply to
This is happened when a user submit a site and in the sucess page they click refresh instead of another link in you home page.

Best regards,

Nuno Duque
Macau Search Engine
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Re: data written to same link id #???? In reply to
And I posted codes in the Perl/CGI Forum that checks the links.db and validate.db before allowing the form to be re-submitted. Basically, if the person clicks on reload or refresh buttons, they will get an error message stating that the link has already been received and will be validated soon or already exists in the links.db file.


Eliot Lee

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Re: data written to same link id #???? In reply to
Further to this "glitch" please note these 2 sites which are giving me this problem (on occassion) have the confirmation mod installed. Based on some of your responses as stated above I sense this mod's operation might contribute to this scenario.Yes? No?


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Re: data written to same link id #???? In reply to
could U please tell me where is your code,
because i don't succed find it PERL/CGI forum,
i'm made a search in this forum, with and connector with the following word :
checks links.db validate.db re-submitted Eliot Lee
links.db validate.db re-submitted Eliot Lee
links.db validate.db Eliot Lee
links.db validate.db

No success.

Thanks Laugh