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catagories/sub-catagories? - bad link emailer

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catagories/sub-catagories? - bad link emailer
Hello, I am fairly new to links and have been looking through all the mods and what have you. I noticed a few that will allow you to create sub-catagories under your main catagories. Can you also create sub- catagories off of a sub-catagory? I'm sure that it has been asked a few hundred times but I cant seem to find any knowledgable help.

My main question is....Do I have to create all of the catagories, sub-catagories, and sub-sub-catagories? Can a user who is adding a link also add a catagory/sub-catagory? That would be great!

The second question I have concerns the verifying of links. When I verified a few test links, I got what I expected, well sort off. I got a display of the bad links with an option to modify it, or delete it. How about being able to email the link owners and tell them they need to check the link and modify it? anyone get what I am sayin'?

Are there mods for this? Please help!

Thanks in advance,
Ian Galloway
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Re: catagories/sub-catagories? - bad link emailer In reply to
1) Yes. Look for Loopy's Altnerative Category Mod.

Adding sub-sub categories is a piece of cake...


ReadMeFile = Main Category
HasAnswers = Sub Category
Readit = Sub Sub Category

Loopy's mod will allow your users to add links to main categories and also other categories, including sub/sub categories with the same LINK ID.

2) Good suggestion. There is not a Mod for that yet....



Eliot Lee
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