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can links2.0 search web site content?

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can links2.0 search web site content?
hi!it is edward again, hope webmaster can help me!

when i compare links2.0 with yahoo.com

the best thing is yahoo.com can search by keywords, also can search the web site content, for example

i type (Gossamer) to search from yahoo by detail, it shows:

Web Page Matches 1-20 of 555000 | Next 20 >

  1. Gossamer Threads Inc.
    ... Gossamer Threads Inc. 9th Floor - 100 W Pender Vancouver,
    BC Canada V6B 1R8 Ph: 604.687.5804 Fax: 604.687.5806. ...
    More Results From: www.gossamer-threads.com

    not just keywords and web address, can anyone tell me if links2.0 can do so?

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Re: [edward1982] can links2.0 search web site content? In reply to
Not really a good idea. The part of Yahoo you are talking about is actually Googles part Tongue Google spiders all the pages in their directory every x number of days. They then insert this into their database. However, Google have over 6000 machines working on this. A general user of Links 2 would not really have the power of the server to do this (at least if they got a decent number of search requests). IMO, you are best to leave it (not sure if it is even possible).

Andy (mod)
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Re: [edward1982] can links2.0 search web site content? In reply to
Google is a spider and spiders the whole page whereas Links2 is a directory that requires users to submit their URL manually.