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can't add Categories

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can't add Categories

The script of Links 2 works perfect, i have only one problem. i can add links and categories and i can search for them, but when i click on the link, i get this message:
Error: Can't find link id: 1

What can i do about this? I've set all the CMod setting right. I'm testing the script on a f2s server. maybe thats the problem?.

I hope someons can help me?

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Re: can't add Categories In reply to
Uh...you need to BUILD your DIRECTORY! Click on BUILD ALL in the admin.cgi and next time search the forums by the error message you receive and you will most likely find solutions, which have been posted, re-posted, addressed, and re-addressed!


Eliot Lee Wink
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Re: can't add Categories In reply to
ok boss.
it works.