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build pages yields no results?

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build pages yields no results?
This was functional last night when I added only one record via the admin console. This morning, I wanted to do a mass upload of 58 records, so I created a database for quick entry and export. I have checked that all of the parameters are correct, but when I build using my new database, 0 pages are made. The interesting thing to note is that Links 2.0 recognizes that there are 58 records and all of the details are correct when I "view all" links. So - if it sees them, and knows that they are all in the same category, where is my hang up when I go to build the pages? I do not receive any errors. Here is the dialog:

Links Manager: Building Pages Building PagesPages built on 15-Feb-2002 at 11:00:30--------------------------------------------------------Backing up database . . . Backup exists for today.. SkippingDone.Building URL Index . . .Done.Updating New and Popular Records . . . What's New Cutoff: 14 days Popular Cutoff: 2 hitsDone.Updating ratings .. Done.Loading Category Information . . .Done.Gathering Category and Link information . . .DoneBuilding Home Pages . . . Subcategories: 1 Total Links: 58 Opening page: /home/sites/site187/web/pages/index.html Closing page. DoneBuilding What's New Page . . . Total New Links: DoneBuilding What's Cool Page . . . Cool Links: 0DoneBuilding Top Rated Page . . . Vote Range: .. Rate Range: .. DoneBuilding Category Pages . . .Building Category: Pictures Subcategories: 0 Links: 0 Directory: /home/sites/site187/web/pages/Pictures Filename : /home/sites/site187/web/pages/Pictures/index.htmlDonePages Built (1 s)! The one page that was built shows this:Categories:Pictures (0)

There are 58 links for you to choose from!


Thanks in advance!
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