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admin.cgi & 500 error

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admin.cgi & 500 error

I think I red everything about 500 errors: transferring as ascii, chmoding data 777 and its files 666.
My Links used to work fine till... admin.cgi send a 500 error when trying to add a new link via admin.cgi.
- I replaced the links.db with a backup.
- I can't test the telnet output because I'm not the root of the server. I can't see the error.log as well.
- My links.db and admin.cgi files are working fine on my windows box, but reply 500 error on the Unix box.
- The path to perl is correct.
- The user and group for links.db are the same as category.db. (I can add category).
- The links.db rights are: for ugo rw.
- I can add a link via the public part and then validate the link via admin.cgi.
So, everything seems to work well but not adding new link in admin.cgi.

Any idea please ?

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Re: admin.cgi & 500 error In reply to
What is the error?
Obviously it won't work on your UNIX box if you have it configured to work for an NT one Wink

Double check all of the permissions and paths and try again Smile


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Re: admin.cgi & 500 error: solution In reply to
I found what was wrong! link ID.
As I was trying to add a new link, add form was displaying a duplicate ID.
So, I checked the link.db file to see the highest link id, and I have written that number in linksid.txt.

It's working again.