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about mod of admin.cgi of widget

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about mod of admin.cgi of widget
1) Put the admin.cgi file outside of the /cgi-bin/ in a directory that can be password protected (and if your service provider allows you to execute .cgi and .pl files outside of the /cgi-bin/ directory).
Finally, I decide to probe this first solution, my dude is about the paths and the files and the changes in the admin.cfg and the location of files.

For example if I put the admin.cgi in the directory /cgis. I need create a /cgis/data, /cgis/admin/ etc, etc, and put the all files cgi. pl. templates etc to directory cgis ????

2) If that doesn't work...then use the Admin Mod that Widgetz wrote and posted in the Modification Forum.

This second form is more complication for my, and i have my dudes to modify the files now run ok all.