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HI :)
Can i do that in my links detailed description (when user want) will open in new window when user click on it?

Ok, i'll try to explane.

I add new fields in links.def than i in links administrator page add new links, in detailed description i write something add click on Add button. Than i build all. After it in folder category, were i add link, will be index.html and another one file with detialed description. And user when wiil go to this category and see this link will click on "detailed description" and new window with this desc will open.

Can i do it? Please, help me :)

Best regards :)

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Re: question In reply to
Please search for the following set of keywords in the Links 2.0 Customization Forum via the forum search form using And search option, All posts for date range, and specify 100 in the hits field:

1) detailed pages
2) target new window


Eliot Lee