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Your Engine might be on this reseller's Submission hacks...

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Your Engine might be on this reseller's Submission hacks...
I posted a question a while ago asking if there was any mod out there available so that our engines could NOT be submitted to by automatic submission services. I was being spammed up to 30 times a day by this half-wit with a reseller page.
Well, I finally found where he's submitting his sites from... GSM.COM has an entire section of copied forms from search engines that will automatically submit links for their resellers. My engine is page #60, meaning there are at least 59 other sites behind mine and who knows how many more after that.
My point is, I know many of you welcome auto-submissions, but I do not (especially when I'm getting spammed by them)... my site is about personal interaction and I want people to at least make the effort to visit my site in order to submit their link, because Grand Central is not *just* a search engine like Altavista, etc... it is an extensive current events chat site.
Now if there is something in Links 2 that can stop referrers automatically and I've missed it, PLEASE tell me.

If you've been getting spammed as well with reseller links from GSM pages, you might want to check out this directory:
That's the auto-submit page for my site, you'll HAVE to hit STOP on your browser or it will automatically take you to my "your site has been submitted!" page. To see what other sites they have stolen the submission code from, simply change the number in und60.html to whatever else you like... und54.html, etc. Remember to hit STOP so that you can then view the source code and see what site that page is submitting to.

I've called GSM and tried to talk with their webmaster, Christine Bower, but she was unavailable. However, the lady that I did speak with called me back after a few minutes and told me that she had contacted my spammer (Lee Bryant, bryant.l@gsm.com) and he said that the page with my submission form would be taken down.
I doubt this highly, but if you go to und60.html and find nothing there then simply try another number. I guarantee that forums like this, where people list their search engine, are being sniffed through extensively so that these reseller places can find more engines to go to and copy the submission form from View/Source Code.


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Re: Your Engine might be on this reseller's Submission hacks... In reply to
Look in the Links.cfg and find this...

# Database Options
# --------------------------------------------------------

scroll down to here...

# Referers -- which hosts are allowed to add to your database.
@db_referers = (yourdomain.com);