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Would It Help to Set Up a LINKS Listserv(R)?

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Would It Help to Set Up a LINKS Listserv(R)?
Folks, I operate a number of listservs running the full commercial version of LSOFT's LISTSERV(R) software. I could set up several lists (i.e. one for LINKS install, one for LINKS general, etc. etc.). It would include a full, web-based searchable archive so that folks could easily find the topics they need.

The lists can be moderated and monitored by the Gossamer-Threads.com folks, too.

My public lists can be viewed at <http://CharityChannel.com/Forums/>.

If Alex would find this of benefit, I'm available at (949) 589-5938. If not, no problem. Smile

Kindest regards,
Stephen C. Nill

CharityChannel.com, the online project of American Philanthropy Review

(949) 589-5938


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