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Windows based help app for Links

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Windows based help app for Links
I've decided to give this a second shot. Last summer I had begun to work on compiling a new FAQ site for Links but never had the time for it. I've got all kinds of time now (4 days off per week Smile) and decided it's time to go for it. I downloaded a copy of HTMLHelp and started working on compiling FAQ's again.

This help app will include topics ranging from Perl basics, Links installation, customization, and any other topic worthy of being included.

Please send email to gt@perlmad.com for topic suggestions, FAQ contributions and so on. All contributors will be credited.

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Re: [sponge] Windows based help app for Links In reply to
Hm... just wondering what y'all that would be a decent structure....

I currently have:
-a few general topics
+Configuration Files
-links.cfg, etc.
+Formal Modifactions
-alphabetized listing of available mods
-available tags for each template
-error messages, etc.
-general topics (creating subcategories, etc.)
+Perl Basics
-summarized general perldoc articles

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