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Why do some Categories work, and others don't?

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Why do some Categories work, and others don't?
Under this link you will find that some of the caregories work, and some of them don't. Even under some, it will do to the category, but there is no index file built under it. Has anyone had this problem before?

Main Link Site: http://www.openminded.com/links/

Non Working Category: http://www.openminded.com/.../Advice_and_Support/

Working Category: http://www.openminded.com/...usiness_and_Finance/

Category with index file: http://www.openminded.com/...s_and_Entertainment/

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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Re: [ubu] Why do some Categories work, and others don't? In reply to
That is a bit odd... Try deleting everything in the /links/ directory (the stuff created by the script), then rebuild. Also, be sure you use staggered build (auto), as the number of links you have will give the build-all a hard time. Did you just move to this scripts (Links), and already all your data ready to go? That's a lot of links (4,985!) for a bare-bones layout; usually people change the appearance first, then start adding.

aka PerlFlunkie